Major Guest Post Guidelines: How To Submit Your Post

Hello Folks ! First of all, thanks a lot for expressing interest in guest posting on 365TrendsToday, I am very thrilled to have you on board!

We decided to provide you with a few guidelines in order to streamline the process, maintain the quality and keep things more consistent here on Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions regarding this one. I so appreciate you helping me out, please let me know if I can ever return the favor.

Topics and Themes:

Currently, we are accepting guest posts for these categories like wedding, festival, travel and celebrity. We are adding more categories. If you think you can provide articles in these categories, then share it with us and also if you have other ideas, just let me know – we would love to hear from them.

We also cover celeb-fashion, celeb-jewelry, festive fashion, wedding outfits collections, wedding jewelries, holiday-shopping reviews, brand promotions, travel destinations, trips, experiences and trends.

The Rules:

  • Don’t promote too much about your product/service/brand in articles, Instead provide more benefits & valuable information for people.
  • Be Unique, you have to provide only unique/original article which is not published anywhere else.
  • Must provide trend based or seasonality based articles and It should be fresh and new.
  • We are strict with links, Don’t provide more than two links to your website. One can provide body of content and another can be in author-bio. 
  • Content should be higher readability score, It means easy to read and SEO friendly with relevant keywords that you target. The post must be  grammatically correct and well-written. All submissions will be verified for originality using a tool such as 
  • Guest posts that are approved for publishing will be published as soon as verified and without notice.  Kindly check the blog periodically to see whether your article has been published or not.

Our Style Guidelines:

Content Length: The article should be 800 – 1500 words.

Post Title: The post title must include initial caps. Keep it to no more than seventy characters in length.

Sub-Headings: Provide H2 Tags for sub-headings. Tags to be very effective.

Lists: Include bullets for listings inside article to increase readability.

Pics, graphics or images: It needs to be only .jpg or .png. They should be no larger than 600 pixels wide. Post Image size exactly 750*430. A mention of the source must be included at the bottom of the article.

A Picture for Bio: Your pic/logo to be used in your Bio at the bottom of the post should be included up to 100 pixel x 100 pixels.

About bio: An author bio of you, up to 100 words can include a link. Provide your contact information in the bio of your piece will include your contact email address and phone number[optional].

Promoting Your Post for Readers:

OUR  DISTRIBUTION: We include our articles (including your submission) in our social streams via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It may be picked up (syndicated) by an other blogs.

YOUR DISTRIBUTION: Please feel free to distribute your content through links in your social media platforms, respond to any comments and enjoy the attention. Do not then repost your submitted and published content to your blog or anywhere else. It still needs to remain original/unique content posted only here. You can also discuss, describe and link to your article. A snippet of the post can reside on your blog that links to the post on our blog and sends people back to this original content.

  • Submissions can be as HTML via .txt or use Word to submit standard text format.
  • You should then receive an email with an acceptance of your post and further instructions (if need any changes) or a polite decline with comments.
  • If we request any clarification or edits, please intimate us ASAP.
  • We will post it according to editorial calendar that we follow. 
  • We reserve the right to edit your content for grammar, relevance, voice, clarity.