14 Traditions to know about Mardi Gras Day


Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday and also called Shrove Tuesday. This day comes before Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Christian Lent festive season leading up to Easter. 

In the Lent festive time, many Christians keep fasting and the name Fat Tuesday refers to the last day of eating richer and healthier foods before Lent season begins.

 On this day people dress well in colorful costumes tossing beads and come out in the streets of New Orleans in the love of Mardi Gras. 

The celebration of Mardi Gras day is observed in America and most famous in New Orleans.  In the month of January Parades are done in the entire Orleans, for a week people enjoy a lot during it. Most of the southern cities with French heritage such as Mobile, Ala also mark the Mardi Gras day. 

The legacy of this day can be traced to European  Carnival Celebrations of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is six weeks long religious fasting before Easter. This holiday dates back to 1699 when American explorer Pierre Le arrived at Louisiana and declared a plot of land “ Pointe du Mardi Gras” upon its and later realizing it was the eve of the medieval holiday.  This day celebration starts a month before and lasts up to one month, people enjoy this long festive month. 

When Mardi Gras is celebrated? 

This Carnival celebration starts from 6 January, the date referred to in the Christain calendar as the twelfth night because it marks the end of twelve days of Christmas. Every year, the carnival season starts off on this date at dawn followed by a weeks-long lively parade and street parties, cities are beautifully decorated with proper flashes of lightning and flowers, can say New Orlean shines during this long festive month. This festive month continues on various weekends and weekdays until Fat Tuesday is celebrated. This day falls on different dates each year.  

In 2020 Mardi Gras Carnival will take place in New Orlean from January 6 to February 25. 

Mardi Gras Day Outfits

This day has its own unique dressing sense people celebrating this day 

Starts their preparation a month before. The most preferred color for this day is golden, silver and black. 

People purchases face mask with exciting designs and color their hair. All this makes the day more lively, rewards are given to the most stylish male, female, and kid in this carnival. It all about creativity and more enthusiasm required to roar out 

Party louder. Women prefer to wear gowns, shorts and stylish dresses to make themselves look elegant and attractive. Same with the kids, parents DIY the outfits in a fashionable manner and sometimes parents wear the same dress along with their kids. 

Mardi Gras day Decorations

Get ready to celebrate this day with lots of party bombs and drinks! Pack your party venue with Mardi Gras Decors. Hangout danglers and pair out bright swirls with Mardi Gras banners. The most preferred colors are blue, green, purple and golden with a variety of shapes and sizes decors. The beads and masks give the finishing touch to the carnival. People decorate with beads and sparkles the entire venue to make the venue look attractive. 

Activities of Mardi Gras Day

Many communities and organizations celebrate this day with great love and care for each other. This day has catholic Christain connections, people who celebrate Fat Tuesday are fond of food and they eat tastier dishes. Parades, cakes, and beads are traditions connected to this day. 

In pre-schools, these are activities are done, kids just love it. 

  • Painting jar with beads 
  • Decoration of face masks
  • Printable Masks decoration
  • Making of Mardi Gras wishing card

The big Carnival celebration begins with dazzling entertainment, loud night parties and delicious dishes and drinks adds more to this night. Famed New Orlean streets are overcrowded with people having their favorite dishes and partying all night. Interested people take part in various programs taking place on this day and apart from it various contests are held this night. People exchange gifts on this night and show concern for each other. 

Universal Mardi Gras 

This day kicks off the spring celebration and long fasting week. Universal Mardi Gras includes family gatherings and Cajun food Festival. There is a theme for every year’s parade, in 2019 “Party Animals”. Universal float builder is kern studios, which has been creating floats for New Orlean’ streets, Mardi Gras since 1947.

Cajun Food festival has its own flavors of drinks and dishes, this festival says, Eat, Drink, Enjoy And the night!  Same as people get into it the whole night and have fledged of fun and adventures. 

Mardi Gras Day Face Masks 

Italian Carnevale or Mardi Gras face masks have traditions going back to centuries- they are the most marked of Italian Carnival traditions. The masked ball mask is the most preferred one, people order it online or visit a physical store to have a look at various other masks. 

Some designs of face masks are mentioned below- 

Colombina- It is the oldest traditional disguises, it is a half-face mask covering eyes and nose so it is the easiest to wear it for the party. 

Dama- It is one of the most elegant women disguises ever to beautify Venice’s carnival. This mask has various variations, but all are characterized by embedded beads and gems.

The Jester- Also known as Buffone and is one of the best masks for drama, the jester’s aim is to entertain and to make fun of others, it is associated with Middle-aged Romans.

The cat- You may get surprised by knowing the cat as the oldest and fashionable type of mask. The cat disguise is quite elegant, and there is no shortage of cats in Venice. There is a large variety of cat masks are available in the stores. 

Mardi Gras Day is full of fun and delicious foods. It is the night to enjoy and eat the most. 


Let’s Eat and Enjoy!


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