10 Point to remember about National Opposite Day


Each year, National Opposite Day is celebrated on the 25th of January. It is the day which confuses more and also full of amusement, people give weird reactions just as everything on this day is just the opposite.

 Opposite day is celebrated just as its name suggests OPPOSITE! Say Good Night or is it Good Morning? Goodbye, or is it Hello? I am hot or cold? All goes around on this completely opposite, people sleep in the morning and work at night! Dinner in the afternoon and lunch at night! 

 A day to rejoice where people get confused usually, what’s wrong is going? Later they laugh crazily by realizing Oh Today is Opposite Day, so all have to go upside down!

History of National Opposite Day

The origin of this day is unknown, there are various references that are dating back to President Calvin Coolidge in the early 1920s. Coolidge made a statement in 1928, to the press announcing, “I do not choose to run”. His statement created confusion in the debate and left everyone looking wondering if he really meant the opposite. 

Most people agree that this day is celebrated every 25th of each month. Now even I got confused, Is it National Opposite day? Or not the opposite day? I feel to laugh as everything is the opposite day, it is very different from a normal day.

Mostly children rejoice a lot on this day and what they say it is completely opposite. I love to eat broccoli! I didn’t push my younger sister in the mud! Now here comes a serious question-  what is the opposite of Opposite day? 

Play pranks with your friends and siblings enjoy Opposite Day!

National Opposite Day is celebrated widely in the US and its neighboring countries. This day away from a normal day, as there is a lot to do but again all opposite. It is really one of the most interesting days where you can befool others just by saying the opposite of what you mean. Adults and children enjoy this day at their best by playing with words repeatedly, one can complete find lost and feel laugh that what am I doing?

How to celebrate National Opposite Day

So what I say take it vice-versa as it is the only day when someone can really play with all the words in the entire day. 

  1. Be ready to play a prank with your dearest ones in a cranky way, let them feel laugh madly!
  2. Wish Good Night in the morning and Good morning at night. It is the day to play with words and make sure that the next person is aware of Opposite Day.
  3. Gather your friends and offer lunch at night and dinner in the afternoon. Enjoy the Opposite day and create memories with your dear ones.

 National Opposite Day is the day of refreshment when you can share all the secrets and later say no I just screwed you up, all opposite. There are a number of ways to enjoy this day and be careful while someone is trying to play a prank. 

There is no public holiday, as it is the day of recreation and fun. People all around the US and neighboring countries enjoy this day to the fullest.  

National Opposite is somewhat similar to April fool day, it is the day of a prankster who plays a prank and then says I didn’t prank!  It sounds really funny as the day is all about to make fool others and enjoy the day.

National Opposite Day is all about Eat!  Enjoy! Be Trickster!

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