All about International PI Day – A Magic Sign


PI Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical sign pi, it was founded by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988. It was observed on March 14 as 3,1, and 4, are the significant digits of pi. The first pi day took place at the Exploratorium, San Francisco based museum and featured a circular parade and eating of fruit pies.  

What is PI?

It is a constant value and is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Diameter is full length of the circle from edge to edge and the value of Pi will be constant. The value of Pi is approximately equal to 3.14 and is represented by a Greek letter π. Pi is an irrational number i.e. a real number that cannot be expressed by a simple fraction, according to mathematician pi is an infinite decimal which means after the decimal point, digit continues. 

This day not only celebrates a very special number but also celebrates the birthday of the great scientist Albert Einstein. 

Interesting Facts about Pi day

  • This symbol of Pi has been used for more than 200 years. 
  • Pi value is never-ending and the number is not repeated. 
  •  In English, P is the sixteenth letter, and in Greek Pi is the sixteenth letter.
  • Williams Shanks in the 19th century calculated the first 707 digits of Pi by hand but he made a mistake on 527th place. 
  •  Archimedes was the first person who studied Pi.
  • Pi is mentioned in the holy book Bible.
  • Pi is an irrational number, it is not possible to calculate Pi by dividing an Integer by any other number. 

How is Pi Day celebrated?

This day was officially recognized by Congress in 2009, and it’s pun-filled celebrations, which include eating circular treats from pizza to fruit pies. Every year San Francisco Exploratorium hosts an annual day of pi-related activities. 

Many math activities including solving puzzles and quizzes are conducted in schools and universities. Pi day is a good opportunity to interact with Math Wizard, a mathematician love to meet young experts in solving puzzles and quizzes. 

Pi Day Activities for the Classroom

Math is a subject of working on your mental calculation ability, and thus it deserves a better way to make it more interesting. Every year it is celebrated on 14 March and math lovers enjoy this day. 

Here are some Pi day activities that you will circle back to year after year, let’s start:

  • Sing a Pi song- Start the celebration with this catchy song about the first 100 digits of pi value. Play this song in the background and will work on their projects, they will know it by heart in a few minutes.
  • Put Together Pi Puzzle-  Standard in puzzles has created a series of questions which help the students to teach puzzles and the basics of Maths fun. You will find many Pi Day activity bundle box, which students are going to love. 
  • Play a game of cards- Kids love to see who can get rid of all of their cards as they digits of Pi. You can print out the digits in advance for reference, or even can challenge older students to recall their childhood memories. This game is enjoyed by the primary section, students have to collect al the pi cards together. 
  • Celebrate with Pi pizza party-  Pi means circles, and eventually, circles mean tastier pizza. Pi party pizza is loved in lunch by students and they love to make the pi symbol on pizza with their favorite sauce. Make it extra fun by using a clever pi shaped pizza cutter. 
  • Make Pi paper plates-  Little ones may not be ready to understand the concept of pi itself, but they can get the fun-loving activity that introduces them to circles and ratios. Making full pi, half pi shapes with the help of fiber plates and then color it. Kids love doing all this, each year we can uplevel and in this way, they will love to learn pi more effectively. 
  • Host a Pi Day Fundraiser-  Raising money for any cause will be easy on this day, wear Pi shirt and sell pi Pizza and pi plates. This will help to collect money for the cause in an easier way. 
  • Tell Math joke- Find some viral maths joke and share it to your crowd, I am share they will enjoy and laugh harder. 
  • Bake some Pi shaped cookies- Sharing pi cookies on its day, make this day more special. Students will surely love this taste and enjoy the day. Even baking cookies in different flavors will be something new and colorful too. Eat more Pie!!!
  • Dress Pi-  On 14 March students should try Pi T-shirts and enjoy this day. Getting a pie shirt with its value or symbol both will be attractive. Choose accordingly and get well dressed on this day. 

Reinvent more Maths Fun on this Day as it is a day of mathematicians. Solve more puzzles and try out bigger operations to sharpen your mind. 


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